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Innovative Real Estate Tools

Being mobile is essential for your business – because you’re always on the go, it’s imperative that your tools are too. Using technology, AmeriTitle strives to provide fast, efficient, and reliable service! Goodbye paper, hello electronic deliveries!

Secured Email
With our internal security measures, financial and personal information receives the highest level of protection.

Share documents and complete agreements with efficiency and ease.

As an organizational tip, OneNote is a tool that we like for staying organized. It is a digital notebook that organizes your meetings, clients, properties, and more.

Connect with your local AmeriTitle Representative to stay updated with tech!

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Conquering Housing Affordability

Don’t let housing affordability concerns slow your business down. 71% of U.S. counties are seeing first-time homebuyers feeling the pinch because of price increases*. As a real estate agent, it’s vital to know how to aid your client during tough financial times.

Mortgage Calculators

AmeriTItle’s mortgage calculator is a great starting point to set financial boundaries. Draw up a plan that fits within their comfort zone.

Counseling on Features

Focus on your client’s top choices and guide them through factors of location, neighborhood, and even school systems.

Partner with Lenders

Understand what financial options are available. Lending partners can work to find the right loan for your borrower – which helps improve their chances of a successful purchase.

Connect with your local AmeriTitle Representative for more information!

* (Housing Wire)

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Jumping the Mortgage Rate Hurdles

Real estate is unpredictable, but don’t let change disrupt homeownership goals. While mortgage rates are currently lower than they were last year, many experts agree that rates might hover near 5% throughout 2019*. And while these rates are easier to manage, it’s always key to stay educated on the programs available to buyers.

These simple tips can help put money towards the mortgage down payment:

Pay off high interest rate credit cards

Transfer a fixed amount into a special savings every month

Lower miscellaneous expenses

A homebuyer’s potential buying power can greatly change the price range they’re looking for; it’s important to stay up-to-date with the various loan assistance programs. Reach out to your local AmeriTitle Representative for all of your title and escrow needs!


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Grow Your Confidence with New Tools

In order to keep transactions smooth and error free, you need the knowledge and tools necessary to aid in the closing process. Let our mobile friendly and responsive technologies assist you. 

Lender Closing Cost Calculator 

AmeriTitle’s simple-to-use cost calculator will present an estimate* of title and escrow fees for your buyer or seller. 

Net Sheet 

Utilize this straightforward form to calculate a quote* of closing costs for buyers and sellers. 

These new updates will better serve you and your needs. Try our upgraded tools today, or connect with your local AmeriTitle representative for effortless closing tools!

*These costs are only an estimate

Real Estate Tip of the Week: Make Connections with LinkedIn

Social media is critical for any real estate agent’s brand. If you aren’t using Facebook, Instagram, or even Pinterest – you’re missing out on some incredibly valuable information and creative ways to reach new clients.

One social media account that might be forgotten: LinkedIn. Because LinkedIn is mainly viewed as a virtual resume, it can be hard to consider this a space to reach out to customers, but that’s far from the truth! It’s a great place to show off your achievements and accomplishments, so potential clients can gain a better understanding of what you excel at.

With 500 million members and counting, LinkedIn is a prominent social media space to share what your brand is and what you have to offer.

Here are some quick and easy ways to give your LinkedIn a facelift to attract future prospects:


 LinkedIn allows you to write down some of the skills you believe you have and should show to potential clients. Think about adding tags like “staging perfectionist” or “helps sell and buy homes” as some of the skills you’d like to highlight.

Your connections can also endorse you with some of the skills they think you have as well!


It’s important to be direct and clear with what your line of profession is – this not only helps with any confusion that might take place, but it helps direct you to the exact audience you’re trying to reach. This way, you are searchable and clients know what you specialize in.

You’ll also want to think about your customized URL. If you go to the right side of your profile page, you can click “Edit Public Profile and URL.” From there, you can personalize your URL to stand out above the rest. Think, “JaneDoeRealEstateAgent”.


Reviews and recommendations can really enhance your reputation and your business. LinkedIn makes it easy for you to reach out to past clients:

  • Click the “Me” icon at the top of your LinkedIn homepage
  • Select “View Profile”
  • Scroll down to the “Recommendations” section and click “Ask to be recommended”

From there, you can write in your past client’s name (your connection on LinkedIn) that you would like to have write a review for you!


Don’t just fix up your profile and walk away! Interact with content posted by your connections, comment on articles, post articles you find interesting, etc. Because LinkedIn is more than just your online resume, it’s important that you utilize what this site has to offer for your brand.