Virtual App: DocuSign During COVID-19

Posted on | April 22, 2020

One of the many digital tools real estate employees use, DocuSign, recently released an update on their status during COVID-19.

DocuSign is an electronic agreement manager and a tool that AmeriTitle frequently uses as a document signing app to centralize documents. With COVID-19’s shelter-in-place being the new norm for many businesses, many began to wonder how real estate would continue.

DocuSign CEO, Dan Springer, has announced that they haven’t noticed a decline in real estate activity on its platform. He explains, “Real estate is an interesting [case] because while a lot of people are concerned there is going to be a slowdown, we haven’t yet seen that at DocuSign.”

This can be a relief and a great sign to agents, buyers, and sellers alike. It seems as though real estate will keep moving along!

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