Tip of the Week: Don’t Judge a Listing by Its Cover

Posted on | December 10, 2018

You have the listings – so why don’t you have the buyers?

When you upload and post your listing, you want it to attract views and potential buyers – but sometimes, your listing can get buried in the dust.

Here are a few items that could be turning away views:


If you don’t have a description – or just a few short words – you’re not doing your listing any favors. Buyers want to understand and visualize the house they’ll venture to see in person; and if the description of the home is bleak or nonexistent, why would that make them want to go check it out?

Highlight those unique and beautiful features of the home – give the reader an idea of the type of memories they can create!


If you’re taking the photos yourself, be sure to avoid easy faults – i.e. including your reflection in a mirror or forgetting to clean up the space before taking the shot.

Photographs of the home are the first impressions your buyers will see; give the home the best angles possible.


Staging is especially beneficial – if rooms are left empty, it might be hard for the viewer to imagine the sense of purpose for the space.

Updating your listing to reflect its best possible attributes will help potential buyers draw an accurate interpretation of what the home might offer them.

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