2019 Brings Cwtch as the Latest Home Trend

Posted on | December 28, 2018

The big home décor trend of 2017 – ‘Hygge’ – is slowly being replaced by a Welsh sentiment, ‘Cwtch.’

No, these aren’t made up words, and yes, you read that right.

Hygge comes from Denmark (pronounced “HOO-guh”) and quickly became feng shui’s comfy counterpart. Hygge was all about finding the joy in life’s simplest pleasures – like soft lighting and minimalistic colors and décor.

2019 seems to be ushering in Cwtch (pronounced “kutch”) – a Welsh term that means “safe place.” Much like Hygge, it centers on simplistic décor, but chiefly focuses on bringing items and objects that you find peace and joy in as the center of your home.

Fresh flowers, fur pillows, cozy blankets, photos of family and friends that bring you wonderful memories – these are all a few of the simple things you can do to bring Cwtch into your home.

Karen Gray of Design Solutions KGP in New York suggests “establishing a cozy corner with a window to relax and daydream or read. It’s not so much geared toward any one style or color as it is to what makes you feel good.”

To achieve that Cwtch aesthetic, take use of natural light and make a warm and inviting cubby or nook to unwind and relax in. Use warm and soothing colors (like blues or greys) to set you in that calming mood.

As long as you’ve created a home that you feel at peace with – you’ve created that Cwtch atmosphere!

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