Little Boxes on the Hillside – Suburbs Change up Their Look

Posted on | November 28, 2018

It seems as though millennials avoid the suburbs like the plague, that is, if they can afford to. In comparison to earlier generations, millennials seem to be much happier in bigger and livelier cities. Cities offer easier transportation, access to exciting amenities, and opportunities to meet new people.

Suburbs, to millennials, tend to be secluded.

Nevertheless, suburbs aren’t going away without a fight.

According to REALTOR® Magazine, suburbs are launching marketing campaigns to garner attention towards younger homeowners. Lake Forest, Illinois put in $100,000 in city funding towards their “Welcome Home” campaign to attract millennials. To show for it, three years into the campaign has seen a rise in home sales and a decline in inventory levels.

What did the campaign do, exactly?

By branding their city, giving it life, and promoting the town’s positive attributes, perception of the town began to change. It also doesn’t hurt to start including bike paths and bus stops, either.

It may be too early to claim that millennials are moving back to suburbia – but it might be nice to know that change can happen, even in the smallest of towns.

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