Hey Alexa, Will My Rent Go Up?

Posted on | November 7, 2018

The most common question asked towards Alexa – if a certain song or playlist can be played – might just turn into a finance question regarding your monthly rent.

Amazon is close to making a decision for their second headquarter location – Arlington County Va., or Crystal City, south of Washington D.C have been highly speculated.

But like any major change, how will this impact the housing market?

Amazon is not new to sneaking its way into real estate – recently making a deal with Zego that links smart home devices within apartments – but it seems as though Amazon’s new location is unknowingly shifting prices for housing.

Since Amazon established its location in Seattle’s South Union neighborhood back in 2011, home prices in the city have jumped 83% and rents by 47%.

Because Amazon has yet to make an official statement on their next location, we’ll all have to patiently wait – maybe Alexa knows?

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