Selling a Fixer-Upper Home

Posted on | October 2, 2018

HGTV’s Chip and Joanna know a thing or two about fixer-uppers – and as a realtor, you should be just as enthusiastic as them when it comes to the potential of these houses.

A fixer-upper home allows the future buyer to envision their own personal touches and finishes; not only that, but these homes are usually listed at a lower price, which can allow for more wiggle room to renovate. The buyer has the opportunity to set their own specific taste to the house and feel as though it was made specifically for them.

However, fixer-uppers can be daunting to some realtors; how can you attract the right buyer to fall in love with an older, out-of-date home?

Price Point

Because fixer-upper homes require work, your potential buyer will have to invest beyond the price point to reach the style of home they prefer. Selecting the right price point will allow buyers to feel as though they can purchase the home while still having room in their wallets to renovate.


While it might be hard to do, being straightforward about some of the bigger problems in the home will stop any surprises from happening when the home inspection occurs before the sale is completed. Be upfront about any of the repairs that are needed.

Find the Beauty

Fixer-uppers aren’t all about renovations. Find the valuable features in the home and show it off. Is there beautiful woodworking on the fireplace? Space available to add on in the future?  Gorgeous hardwood floors hiding underneath the worn carpeting? Help your potential buyers see the beauty in the home and the worthy investment.

Fixer-upper homes have great potential; they offer a unique opportunity for buyers to theoretically build the home of their dreams. Just like Chip and Joanna, help them find the beauty and excitement in the potential!

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