Amazon and the New Housing Market

Posted on | October 5, 2018

You had me at “hello, Alexa.”

It isn’t news that technology disrupts and changes the world we live in – but it is news when information technology companies jump into different sectors of the market.

Amazon, meet the housing market; the housing market, meet Amazon.

The beast of a company has been digging its hands into the real estate world. Just last week, Amazon’s Alexa Fund invested $6.7 million of funding for Plant Prefab – a smart home builder based out of Southern California.

The next generations – Millennials and Gen Zers – are wanting to see more technology in the home, and Amazon is coming to the rescue. The company also announced hot, new smart-home items that range from microwaves to smart plugs.

While some experts seem to believe Amazon will drastically upset the real estate market, others seem to be embracing it. Technology, of course, is ever changing. Shouldn’t companies and industries change along with it?

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