Job Satisfaction – The Real in Real Estate

Posted on | September 12, 2018

Being good at your job. Having an interesting social life. Getting enough sleep. Now, pick two. Which would you choose?

It’s true that most Americans feel the need and pressure to have the perfect work-life balance. But it’s more than just making sure you’re excelling in your career and making time for drinks with your pals – what about the meaning your job brings into your life?

2018 showed that about 32% of employees would take a 10% pay cut for a job they’re more interested in or passionate about.

Where does this fall for real estate agents?

In a recent study published by the Conference Board, 28% of agents are more satisfied in their careers than workers in other professions. Here were the top reasons why:

Flexible schedule

Most agents can decide when to work and how many hours to work each week, which makes it easy to balance other important events happening in your life. 71% of respondents to the survey ranked a flexible schedule as the most important part of a job.


As an agent, you’re helping people with the biggest financial decision of their lives! While that can seem like a lot of responsibility, you are rewarded with your hard work by seeing your clients achieve their real estate dreams.

Potential for Greater Earnings

It’s all about how you work and how you market your work – but real estate agents have an incredible opportunity to facilitate large transactions. There is always room to expand your earnings.

Fast Pace

The market and the job are constantly changing – your days will never be the same, which means a rare occurrence for any repetition.

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