A Day Later and A Dollar Shorter

Posted on | September 5, 2018

Some of the best things you can purchase for a dollar: McDonald’s coffee, M&M’s, Redbox movie rentals, pizza slices.

One item your dollar doesn’t give you very much of as of late: a bigger home. Zillow released a new study that compared the price of square inch space in 1998 to 2018. For an average U.S. home, a dollar gets you about 1.07 square inches of space – Zillow’s study broke down the average square inch intake of different cities, and the findings are pretty startling.

The least bang for your buck: San Francisco. Back in 1998, your dollar would give you 0.56 inches – now, your dollar provides you just 0.14 inches of space.

Memphis seems to be the best place to expand your dollar. In 1998 you’d receive 3.13 inches, whereas now you’ll earn 2.53 inches of space.

Some of the bigger cities – like Seattle, New York, Los Angeles, and Boston – have an average space of about 0.28.

When you’re on the hunt for a home, it’s important to understand what your money can get you. Next time you think about spending that dollar, maybe keep it in your piggy bank for a little while longer.

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