Home is Where your Job is

Posted on | August 27, 2018

We’re all a little indecisive – what college to attend, what car to buy, what job to pursue, what type of muffin to grab from the break room.

Another major decision in life: choosing where to live. It seems as though Americans move the most – 11.7 times before settling down. 48% of moves correlate with types of housing, 30% were family related, 19% were job relocations, and 2% were labeled as “other”.

More recently, it seems as though a big turnoff for moving is relocating for a job. In a recent article released by Realtor Magazine, renters and homebuyers alike become incredibly disgruntled if a job requires a move – resulting in staying away from possible job opportunities because of it.

The survey showed that 3.5 million Americans relocated for a new job last year – down 10% from 2015.

Reasons for Staying Put

Areas that have abundant job opportunities – West and East coast cities – have incredibly high housing costs, possibly pricing out those who may have otherwise relocated.

Households have more than just one “breadwinner” – previous to the 1980s, more than one third of families would move to take new job opportunities elsewhere. But with more women in the workforce, it’s harder to move based off of one person’s salary.

Families are also more hesitant to uproot their daily routine, or to take their children away from friends and schools they’ve become a part of.

Changing the Job Market

Instead of assuming most candidates are willing to get up and move for a position, companies are aware of relocating potentially being an issue. These conversations have turned from expectation to in-depth conversations discussing the life situation of each candidate – in hopes of creating some sort of middle ground.

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