AmeriTitle Super Stars – ASAP Team

Posted on | April 24, 2018

The AmeriTitle Solutions and Production (ASAP) Team
Liz Herra, Heather VanHouten and Crystal Nelson

When our clients are conducting business in multiple counties, they require a special level of service. Connecting with a single point of contact to help coordinate order placement, tracking and communication ensures these orders are handled efficiently and accurately.

AmeriTitle has a Super Star team who regularly exceed client expectations. Meet the AmeriTitle Solutions and Productions (ASAP) Team in our Centralized Order Services department…

Crystal Nelson, Liz Herra and Heather VanHouten

Carolyn Payne, Operations Officer and Director of Centralized Services, shared this about the team, “They are perfectionists to a fault because they want everything to be correct for customers, both internal and external. They consider themselves one of the faces of AmeriTitle and delivering quality products and service is important to them.”

This team pioneered the conversion to our current title and escrow operating system. They have been on it since day one in Oregon, so they are continuously sharing tips and how-to advice for other members of our company.

Liz, Heather and Crystal are proud of their collective industry knowledge and focus on teamwork. They accurately refer to themselves as a “well-oiled machine.”

The three colleagues are all friends outside of work and recently spent the weekend on the Oregon coast with their children. Liz has 2, Heather 1 and Crystal 3. In many ways the three behave like sisters. Carolyn shared that they seem as if they can read one another’s minds and can finish each other’s sentences.

“Our attention is naturally directed toward those things that don’t work (we need to fix them), rather than toward those things that do work (we take them for granted). Imagine for a moment what your life would be like if, for just one day, none of the things that you take for granted happened as you expected. A little scary? It is for me.”

“Our ASAP team tends to be one of the things that we take for granted because we expect it to work well – and it does. They handle some of our largest, most demanding customers. Customers who are with us only because we can service their needs through one point of contact. On a daily basis, they balance the often conflicting roles of customer advocate and AmeriTitle office partner. They are magicians in a sense because they can make problems disappear before they are discovered by our customers. This month, especially, please thank them for all that they do for us. Hats off to our ASAP stars.” — Larry Matney, AmeriTitle CEO & President.

AmeriTitle is grateful to this team for their many years of dedicated service.

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