Winter Chill Defenders

Posted on | November 7, 2017

December 21st is the first day of winter and we’re already feeling the chill.

Here is a collection of tips and tricks to help you stay warm, safe and also save a few bucks this season:

  • An efficient home is a warm home and has the added benefit of saving you money. Reach out to your local power provider to see if they offer a free service to evaluate the efficiency of your home. Here is an example from Energy Trust: Home Energy Review
  • Early fall is the ideal time to prepare your home for impending winter chill, but if the snow and ice have arrived and you didn’t get to this – it’s not too late. Make sure you complete this checklist: Winterize Your Home
  • Sometimes it’s the simple things that will keep you comfortable during the colder months. Here are 17 Ways to Keep Your Home Warm Without Blasting the Heat.
  • As you venture out into the cold, it’s important to prepare your vehicle for winter conditions. How to Winterize Your Car provides tips to help you stay safe while you’re on the road.

AmeriTitle would like to extend our warmest wishes to you throughout the colder seasons. We hope this collection of tips keeps you cozy.

Guest blogger submission courtesy of Rosi Green, Business Development Representative at our AmeriTitle Silverton, Oregon office.

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