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Posted on | October 12, 2017

Not everyone may realize what we do as title professionals. It’s important to be able to explain in networking settings and it’s necessary for transparency. Plus, it’s fun to talk about since we’re not a bland and typical segment of the insurance industry!

The American Land Title Association has provided a short and straight to the point PDF in “question and answer” format that helps us explain our industry for networking events and at the closing table here: https://www.alta.org/homebuyer/docs/02_Comm/ALTA_Member_Bite_Snack_Meal_FinalVersion.pdf

AmeriTitle has provided this information for the purpose of familiarizing our clients with our industry. All publications of the American Land Title Association are copyrighted and are reference herein by specific permission from the American Land Title Association (ALTA). http://www.alta.org/

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