Content is King

Posted on | October 4, 2017

In the world of marketing and promotion, content is king. Providing valuable information not only shows you’re a well-informed professional, but it also helps your SEO. If you’re trying to build your engagement on social media, you need to have a consistent plan to show up regularly. This can create a challenge in coming up with content.

Here are some resources you can use for content or just for inspiration:

Need a library of content and tools at your fingertips? Show your know-how and help guide your clients through the home buying and selling process with these comprehensive resources:

The free content library from Keeping Current Matters is full of on point, valuable information to support you in your business.

  • 5 Elements of the Perfect Listing Presentation
  • Unlocking the Secrets of Real Estate’s New Market Reality
  • Find the Gold in Expired Listings
  • 3 Keys for Successful Real Estate Negotiation
  • Plus, timely webinars

KCM – Free Content Library

Keeping an eye on industry news will also help you stay informed and find current articles that you can share.

Inman News & Advice
National Association of REALTORS® News

National Mortgage News
Housing Wire
Mortgage Bankers Association

Utilizing the many resources available to you can help solve your content creation challenges.

— Rosi Green, Willamette Valley Business Development

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