Your Team During A Transaction

Posted on | September 22, 2017

It’s a team effort when you’re buying or selling a home. From start to finish, AmeriTitle and all team members involved want you to win by making the transaction a success.

Here’s your roster:

Lender or Mortgage Broker

  • If you plan to get a mortgage loan, connecting with a lender or mortgage broker is your first step in buying a home.
  • A lender is a financial institution that makes loans directly to you. A mortgage broker doesn’t lend money, but actually finds a lender and may work with several lenders.
  • Whether you use a mortgage broker or a lender, you should always shop around for the best loan terms and the lowest interest rates and fees!

REALTOR® or Real Estate Agent

  • All REALTORS® and Real Estate Agents are required to be licensed by the state to represent buyers and sellers in property transfers.
  • A REALTOR® is a real estate agent who is a member of the National Association of REALTORS®. That means that they must uphold the association standards and its code of ethics.
  • Listing Agent: This is the agent who ‘lists’ the property for sale. They represent the seller and assist in the marketing and sale of the home.
  • Selling Agent or Buyer’s Agent: This is the agent who works with the buyer. They will assist in locating a home to purchase and presenting the offer along with many other services.

Title & Escrow Company

  • Title Officer: This person does extensive research of recorded documents to aid in the elimination of many possible hidden risks that can undermine the validity of title ownership. They will also issue the title insurance policy when the transaction closes.
  • Escrow Officer: This person acts as a neutral third party during your sale, purchase or refinance. They will monitor the transaction, prepare closing documents, coordinate the closing, disburse funds and more.

*Other industry professionals who may become involved in your transaction are attorneys, home inspectors, appraisers, and home owner insurance providers.

Find out what else happens during the purchase or sale of a property by downloading the guide we’ve put together.

The AmeriTitle Buyer & Seller Guide covers:

  • Your Team During a Transaction
  • Title Insurance Is Not “Just Another Fee”
  • What Is Escrow?
  • The Life of Your Title & Escrow Transaction
  • What Are Closing Costs?
  • When Do I Get the Keys?
  • Glossary of Terms

AmeriTitle believes in creating the best, most personalized and professional experience for both buyers and sellers from start to finish. Our team of experienced professionals utilizes years of industry experience to ensure your real estate transaction is a breeze.

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