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Posted on | September 13, 2016


September is Realtor Safety Month. Implementing safety procedures is important to protect you while conducting business.

REALTOR® Safety is focused on these three principles: knowledge, awareness, and empowerment.

Review this comprehensive list of safety tips to see how many of these recommendations your office currently has in place.  56 Safety Tips for REALTORS®

Sometimes clients may question the safety precautions a REALTOR® has in place. This is a great video to help them understand the importance of realtor safety procedures. Real Estate, Safety, and You

ALERT! Cybercriminals are trying to hack into your email account! Review this post for tips on how to add a layer of protection for your customers and yourself.

Smart safety tech options: Notifications. Activity Tracking. Wearable Safety.

Cuff – ‘Smart’ jewelry or key chain to help keep you connected. Discreetly call for help with the push of a button.

Secure Show Identity verification for safer face to face meetings.

Real Alert – A personal safety app. One click to call an emergency contact or 911 or sound an alarm.

Life360 – Location tracker and communication app. Easily check in with groups or individuals when you’ve arrived safely.

bSafe – Connect with family and friends to stay safe. Alarm, location pin, fake call feature, and more.

Guardly – Gives security operators the tools to track and locate emergency callers to specific rooms inside buildings as well as outdoors with GPS.

Our crew at AmeriTitle cares a great deal about your safety. We hope you have found some valuable tips here. Remember to stay focused on this important topic all year long.


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