Keeping the pipeline full
  (even when you’re too busy)

Posted on | August 1, 2016

The work you do today is the business you’ll be enjoying months from now. Here are a few tips on how to stay on top of the important job of prospecting even when you have your hands full with current business.










Work your sphere – This is a great source for new business and deserves consistent attention.

  • If you don’t have an organized list of past clients and prospects, then your top priority is to create one. Use a good quality CRM, Outlook, Excel… whatever works for you.
  • If you do have an organized list, when was the last time you checked in with these warm prospects? Call everybody to check in – ask for their email address (free marketing!), and ask, “By the way… are you thinking of buying or selling?” If they are not, let them know how important referrals are to you in your business.

Know your market – What are the trends in the neighborhoods where you would like more listings?

  • Is the average ownership time 5 years? Only spend your marketing dollars on people who have been in their homes for 5 years or more.
  • Owners are interested in the value of their home, and values have been on the rise. Share a study of the average price per square foot over the last 5 – 10 years. People may have more equity than they think.

Market FSBO’s – When we’re in a seller’s market, you see the number of FSBOs rise. Arm yourself with facts, put some thought into your FSBO marketing strategy, and make contact. Check out our recent article on how to share your value to land more FSBO listings.

Market Expired Listings – You know this group is interested in selling.

  • Remember you’re not the only one marketing these homeowners. What can you do to stand out?
  • Avoid the challenging properties that you know will be difficult to sell.
  • Focus on the shiny pennies that may have been overpriced or needed a little TLC or staging.
  • Show up with a personalized presentation on how you can help sell their home.

Listing Presentation Overhaul – When was the last time you performed an overhaul on your listing presentation? Two important keys to remember – be authentic and informative.

Here is a little inspiration if you need it:

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