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Posted on | December 14, 2015

Postcards are an effective way to stay in touch and top of mind with your sphere list. Creating a plan is the key to being consistent with this advertising avenue. Now is a great time to take a look at the coming year and map out what messages you want to send.

Postcard Marketing


  • Decide how many postcards you want to send out. Do you want to do quarterly, every other month, once a month, seasonal, on every listing…?
  • Think about your frequency, the size of your list, and how much you are willing to spend. Make sure your plan fits your budget.
  • Clean up your list! Make sure your sphere list is up to date and in a format that is either in Excel or can be exported to Excel or .csv as these are the formats that work best with online postcard companies. It is also a format you can use to create labels if you go that route. If you don’t have a list, read the ‘Farming List’ portion of this article.
  • Look at a 12 month calendar and plug in what you are going to commit to. Use this tool to balance all of your marketing / advertising activities. Maybe you do a postcard one month, a community event the next, make phone calls the next, then another postcard, etc. (See an example 12 month plan in Consistent Client Contact.)
  • Put some thought into what messages you’ll be sending out. People get a lot of advertising in their mailboxes. Get creative. Make sure you are focused on providing valuable information to potential buyers and sellers.
  • Explore various postcard companies and choose the one you like best. Make sure you investigate what your company offers. Some larger real estate companies offer postcards at a discount to their agents.
  • Make sure your postcards are compliant with advertising regulations. Run your plan and your ideas by your managing principal broker and / or another set of eyes.


Focus on messages that your audience will read and keep. Here are some articles to provide some inspiration:

8 Ways to Use Direct Mail to Standout from the Competition

3 Reasons Your Real Estate Postcard Mailings Aren’t Working

Need help in the creativity department? Read Seth Godin’s book, Purple Cow

Consistent Client Contact – Stay consistent while prospecting, during the transaction, and after the deal is done.



Find a postcard company that fits your needs. Most of these companies provide easy templates that are real estate specific. If you like a more custom postcard and have some skills in the design department, you can load your own design. The ease of designing online, uploading your list, and having your card mailed out without ever touching it is a convenience that will help you stay on track with your plan.

My Neighborhood Agent (fast and affordable)

ExpressCopy (fast and affordable)

CoreFact (extra bells and whistles for no added cost)

Moo (unique options)


If you don’t have a sphere list and want to start building one, we offer targeted farming lists based on your parameters. We are able to provide the information in a format that is ready for you to load onto the site of the postcard company that you choose.

Our skilled Customer Service and Business Development Representatives are here to help our industry partners grow their business.

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