AmeriTitle Scholarship Appreciation

Posted on | December 21, 2015

Each year, AmeriTitle awards several scholarships to qualifying sons and daughters of AmeriTitle employees who are graduating from high school and going on to college.

Sydney Endow is a recent scholarship recipient, and the daughter of Denise Endow, Branch Manager of our Hood River office.

Sydney wrote to us to share her appreciation:

“My name is Sydney Endow, and I’m a recipient of a scholarship from AmeriTitle. I graduated from high school about half way through an Associate’s degree in Renewable Energy Technology from Columbia Gorge Community College. My classes had been funded by my high school until graduation, but I wanted to continue the program even after that. AmeriTitle’s scholarship made continuing my education easier for my family and me. With the funds, I was able to take additional classes for fun and as a supplement to the degree. In June of 2016, my degree will be complete and I will likely transfer to a four year university. I will have a good setup for continuing my education in engineering because of what I’ve learned in the RET program with AmeriTitle’s help.”


Congratulations to Sydney Endow

Sounds like Sydney is a bright young lady with an exciting future ahead of her. AmeriTitle wishes her the best on her education and career path.

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