Housing Forecast for 2016

Posted on | November 18, 2015

Fannie Mae’s housing forecast for 2016 is looking favorable with a healthy increase in the number of home sales. They are also projecting an increase in housing starts.

These increases are projected despite a predicted increase in mortgage interest rates and a rise in median home prices.

Keeping Current Matters helps us understand these numbers with their infographic interpretation of the Fannie Mae housing forecast.

CoreLogic provides an interesting look at price appreciation that is broken down by value tier.  “Those homes valued at more than 25 percent below  their local-area median – appreciated 9.3 percent during the past year and were up 51 percent from their post-recession trough.”  CoreLogic shares an expectation that their national Home Price Index will appreciate 5 percent during 2016.  See the full article here:  Home Prices Rise Fastest for Most Affordable Homes


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