Consistent Client Contact {After the Deal is Done}

Posted on | October 15, 2015

This is part three of Consistent Client Contact. In part one, we covered client contact during the prospecting phase. Then we shared a few tips on consistent communication during the deal.

Here, we provide a few ideas to help you stay connected after the deal is done.

After the Deal Is Done

“I would’ve used you again but I…

…forgot your name.”

…didn’t know where to find you.”

…never heard from you again.”


It can be painful and disappointing to hear these words from a past client who ended up working with a different agent. Especially when you worked hard for them and had a great transaction. Chances are, the problem arose from losing touch.

  • After you close, make sure to add your new ‘client for life’ to your Client Relationship Management (CRM) system.
  • Include detailed information about them and note the date of their closing.
  • Consistently stay in touch with drip campaigns.
  • Request referrals and reviews. Make it a habit to request this right after a closing. Building that information is important for your business.


  • Schedule anniversary contact:

6 months – Check in to see how they have settled into the new home and tell them how much you enjoyed working with them.

1 Year – Share the photo you took of their signing or their threshold / front yard photo.

2 Year – Provide a value update – check in to see how the home is working for them.

5 Year – Provide a value update – check in to see if they might be interested in selling.


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Consistent Client Contact:  Prospecting | During the Deal | After the Deal Is Done

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