Consistent Client Contact {Prospecting}

Posted on | August 31, 2015

It is important to have consistent client contact during all phases of the client relationship. This begins with prospecting, then during the transaction, and very important – after the deal is done. Here is the first of our series of three business builder articles to provide some tips on consistent client contact. We begin where our client relationships begin… with prospecting.                                          



  • Work your sphere. Toss out that random prospecting list of strangers, and focus on your personal sphere list.
    • If you don’t have a good, organized list of past clients and prospects, then your top priority is to create one. (Keep reading for more information on CRM.)
    • If you do have an organized list, when was the last time you checked in with these warm prospects? Call everybody to check in. It is important to have a genuine interest in how they are doing. Ask for their email address (free marketing!), and ask “By the way… are you thinking of buying or selling?” You will be surprised at the results. You might not even have time to get through your whole list, because you’ll be too busy with listing appointments and showing homes.


  • Add to your sphere. You can contact AmeriTitle to add to your sphere with a targeted prospecting list. We’ll work with you to create a focused list based on your marketing goals.
    • Geographic, age, income, equity, move up, move down, property type, investor, renter, length of ownership, and more.


  • Client Relationship Management. This is important for all phases of client contact. The three most popular CRMs, based on a recent Inman News poll are:
  • Additional CRM tools to consider:
    • RealtyJuggler $99 per year / $8.25 per month (designed by agents, loaded with features, simple to use)
    • Outlook – Gmail
    • What does your company provide?

In the sea of tools available for real estate agents, having a good CRM in place is crucial to your business success. No matter what CRM you choose, remember that it takes work. This is work that helps you stay in touch with your clients. Staying in touch ultimately turns into business growth.


  • Prospecting Mediums. Balance these client contact opportunities throughout the year.
    • In Person / Networking
    • Phone
    • Email
    • E – Newsletter (Happy Grasshopper or other)
    • Postcards
    • Letters
    • Internet Presence
    • Listing Presentation


  • Postcard Options. Here are some of our postcard company picks.


  • Internet Presence. Here are the top visited real estate websites as of August, 2015. (From eBiz MBA) You know people go to the internet to search for a home, research information about selling their home, and to find a highly recommended REALTOR. Make sure you ware showing up where people are landing.

All of these busy real estate sites offer ways for you to capture their captive audience. Add your own website, blog, and social media to this important list of places to show up.


Plan Your Work / Work Your Plan

  • To truly stay consistent, you will need to have a plan in place.
    • 12-month calendar base example. This will help you balance you client contact and marketing efforts throughout the year. Get detailed with this, make it yours, and use it to stay on track.
    • Content grid example created by Katie Lance. This is a social media strategy that includes a month of ideas for posts.


Watch for our next article that will include some consistent client contact tips to use during the transaction.

Thanks for reading. If you would like to speak to an expert AmeriTitle Business Development Representative in your area, you can look up a local office here: AmeriTitle

Consistent Client Contact:  Prospecting | During the Deal | After the Deal Is Done

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